August 15th, 2006

Macbeth the Usurper

Money Matters

I just wrote the subject line, "money matters" ard realized its a double entendre (sp?). Yup, that says it all.

So, due to limited finances, we won't be moving. I can't tell you how that frustrates me. I've doubled my income and have $250k in equity and I can't afford to move.

Things to follow up on:
- Combine car insurance to one company. Should get a multi-car discount.
- Refinance. Won't get much, but will drop FHA insurance. That should make it worth it.
- If we save enough in refinancing, up the borrowing 10-20k for home improvement, if we can still arrange to save money.

Things worth pricing:
- Drywalling the basement.
- Putting drywall up in the attic.
- Expanding the attic.
- New siding and insulation.

Things to do:
- Empty out the basement so that we can put in drywall. Move some things to shed.
- Move out old Macs.
- Sell TV? (It's a space hog and we watch movies on the laptop.)
- Reshelve Jen's books and use that space in my office for basement stuff.
- Sell what books I can to the used book dealer for store credit. (That's for the CD habit.)
- Work with wife to sort through her things.
Macbeth the Usurper


Yesterday for lunch: zuchinni and hummus sandwich
Today: zuchini, tomato, and hummus sandwich

Must find ways to eat more zuchinni.
Macbeth the Usurper

The Numbers

We ran the numbers on the house and other such things. The numbers came out rather more narrow than expected. In short, when Jen stops working, our budget will balance out at -$41. In other words, our money is pegged. We can not afford to move. In fact, we can't afford to even expand the house.

We do have savings. We plan to do some strategic things to the house. Right now, they focus on refinishing the basement (low cost), possibly expanding into the attic (which many neighbors already have done), and redoing the siding and injecting foam into the walls.


Those little numbers all add up.

My house finally pays off. Keeping that cheap little guy is saving our asses.

Maybe we can refininace and drop the FHA insurance on the loan. That could help. Even $100 helps.
Macbeth the Usurper

Found Money

I found a nice chunk of change. I did all my calculation based on bi-weekly paychecks. That means that I only accounted for 48 out of 52 weeks. With a small tweak, we're back in black. We ain't rich, but we ain't poor. Add in a refinanced mortgage, and we can pay less *OR* pay the same and get a pretty few thousand in cash from equity.

Things to think about.