November 10th, 2005

Macbeth the Usurper

Looking at cameras

I bopped into CompUSA to look at my prospective camera. Pretty. Feels good. Quite responsive shutter speed. The autofocus took longer than I liked. As it wasn't listed as a problem under the camera, I'll assume that all auto-focus cameras have similar lag.

In my reading on cameras, what I'd really like is a full DSLR. At $2,000, that ain't no cheap thing. I enjoy picture taking, but a pro-level camera will simply never pay-back the investment for me. I have no ambition of pro-photography.

I am continuously torn my size and ability. A smaller size is quite nice on vacation. I like being able to put the camera into a pocket and forgetting about it. Less worry. Simple. Easy. Yet, I also want portability. This is the problem. Do I want a fantastic camera that I never use? Do I want a simpler camera that's always available yet always wanting?

In the end, most of my photo-taking is via purposeful photo excursions, so I'm not too worried. My only worry is: will the camera be a burden during photo excursions? Travel? Etc?