October 26th, 2005

Macbeth the Usurper


Almost got SuSe to run on my older PC. It froze when it rebooted after installation. I rebooted, and it froze at a different place. Finally, it got to the root password screen, then froze again. After rebooting, all the configuration was done, and I didn't know the root password, not had any users been set up. Dag nab it all.

I reinstalled with Ubuntu, then played with that last night. I got many things working with little trouble. I don't have the compiler working right yet.

My 10pm writing is focusing on my 1930's magical setting.

I have revised my filing. All ideas go into manilla envelopes, and those go into magazine racks on the bookshelves. Works wonderful. This has cleared more crap from my desk and actually leaves everything easy to find. Whoo-f***-hoo!!
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