August 29th, 2005

Macbeth the Usurper


We had a good weekend.

Jay and Martha invited us to their beach house. We wandered out on Thursday night and made our way to Fenwick Island. I was much relieved to miss all the much-feared beach traffic. As it turned out, the crowds were much lighter than I expected, mostly because some ass-hole administrators decided that school needs to start before Labor Day. (Hey morons, what part of SEPTEMBER don't you understand???)

I thought that we would be further north, towards Rehobeth, but instead, we were near Ocean City.

Friday, besides a bit of shopping, we strayed onto the beach. I attacked the waves with a child-sized boogie board and had fun. I also go sand burned something fierce. I got smacked about by the waves, walked in, said "owie", then turned around and went back for more. I couldn't get enough of that salt-in-the-nose experience.

The water was good, too. Not too cold.

I bought a cheapier boogie board on Saturday. That worked much better for me. Unfortunately, the waves were coming in far bigger this time, and all I did was get slammed around a whole lot. That wasn't fun. We cooked dinner for our hosts, then played some bridge.

We wandered home on Sunday. We dropped by Ikea and bought our next kitchen cabinet upgrade. They had our cabinet, but not the doors that we wanted.

It's now Monday. I'm in less pain from Friday, but I still ache. Yow. Now I have to work again.
Macbeth the Usurper

Acerca de este Mac

I switched my work Mac over to the Spanish interface today. So many familiar things with so many unfamiliar words. I´ll get used to it, I´m sure. That´s the whole point to changing the interfact. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I´ll have done this for multiple languages. The Latin alphabet languages won´t be hard. The Greek ones will be more challenging. I have no idea how I´ll do the Arabic ones, let alone Japanese or Chinese.

We´ll, maybe this will take a little longer than I expected.