July 29th, 2005

Macbeth the Usurper

Feeling Better

I'm definitely feeling better today.

I took yesterday to rest, and finished up the storyline for FFX-2. I napped. I mowed the lawn. I uploaded some wedding pics to Snapfish. (When Jen gives the OK, I'll post the link here.)

Weekend Agenda:

Friday: Charlie and the Cholate Factory?
Saturday: New York, and a musical with music by Stephin Merritt
Sunday: Return home
Macbeth the Usurper


I've been reading a bit about port wine. Interesting stuff. Mostly, I'm interestied in a wine that I can open, let sit at room temperature, and slowly (days/weeks) drink through. The best port for that is tawny port. It's pre-oxidized in the barrel, so air doesn't do much to ruin it. It's also not as expensive as the fru-fru vintage ports, which should be drunk within a few days to weeks. Not only that, but it's far from the most expensive. It doesn't improve with age, so the wine collectors don't run the price up. It can still get fetched up in price, but a bottle of Christian Brothers port is quite acceptable.

Sherry has many characteristics in common with port. However, sherry has none of port's fru-fru-ness. Let's face it, sherry has a poor reputation. This is a shame. I've enjoyed what sherry that I've tried. As longs as you don't buy the sub $6 range (been there, done that), you should be gold.

I haven't tried a marsala yet. Most internet references pull up recipies when you enter marsala. It's used in much Italian cooking.

I'm discovering a bit about wine culture, too. On one hand, there are the few and far-between practical sites with the attitude, "it's all about the enjoyment." On the other hand, many sites and all wine sellers demonstrate that it's about wealth, status, and cultural awareness. Mostly, I've learned that "sweet" or "dessert" wines are low on the wine snob's radar. They just don't get the same respect.