May 1st, 2005

Macbeth the Usurper


Man, I went to a great party this weekend. I tied it on waaaayyyy too much. This mornight, I woke up with a married woman!!!!

Mission: Wedding was a success. Jen and I are now married!

More on this later. Just let me say that JessaMoon rocks!!! You're beautiful, honey!! She gave us the most delightful present. She asked us what our favorite animals were, so we got a hand-made sculpture of a Turtle Groom and a Doggie Bride. *WOW* I can not tell you the coolness factor in that gift. Here's a big virtual *smoooochieee* from me and Jen. Oh, we love you.
Macbeth the Usurper

More thanks

We have more thanks to give. So many people were utterly important in making this wedding happen. We really can't thank you enought. We can go on for pages. I'll try to thank everyone, but I'm sure that I'll forget someone.

First, thanks to all the parents, without whome none of this is possible.

Thank you, Liz, for all the flowers. You are absolutely terrific. Our table display was wonderful. Sadly, we must leave it while we go on our honeymoon.

Thanks to Dawn for teaching us how to dance. We did good!!! And we did good because you did great!!!

Thanks to Elizabeth and Rob for taking over the chores. They hauled everything necessary back to our house.

Thanks to Jamie and Xpioti for getting our food. You butted in line like pros and kept us fed!

Thanks to Jamie Fox for being a great DJ. We really lucked into getting her. She normally does high-profile functions up and down the east coast. She often plays for 5-10,000 people in clubs. She rocks.

Thanks to Paul for giving people emergency directions.

Thanks to the whole setup and clean-up crew!!!

Thanks to Thew our keyboardist, and Mary, the minister.

And thanks to all those people I'm forgetting with this addled brain. I'm sure that the list will get longer.

Finally, thank you, to everyone who came and made the wedding a wedding, and the party and party. The tend would have been empty without you.
Macbeth the Usurper

Still not done

Walked in the door and it's been a constant whirl. We start with a living room full of presents and other assort stuff(tm). Jen strained her foot today, so it was up to me to move everything about. Stuff moved. We opened presents. I schlepped while she recorded. We discovered TWO tiers of wedding cake in the fridge. Our freezer is full. We can't fit one tier. Fortunately, Jen's friend Carol came over and rescued 1/2 the cake from us.

We had a short fright when we couldn't find some cards given by my family. (On my side, giving money is traditional.) After tearing around the house, we found the missing card. Phew!!!

Now, we are up to packing. I've got a suitcase and a heavy should bag. I don't have my iMac. I hate to think of the weight with my iMac.

Two loads of napkins have been washed. The extra tablecloths have been washed. We have seven new umbrellas. (We consider these accidental donations that will eventually be retrieved).

I want to use the ivy-and-christmas-light in the house somewhere. But that happens after the honeymoon, and after we get the fricking house straightened up.

We made a huge list of thanks. Wow. That's alotta people who helped make this wedding happen. Myself, I'd like to make one more thanks to Wendy who stayed over on Friday night. She cooked breakfast, cleaned dishes, and generally helped make things happend. Most importantly, she got Jen out the door ON TIME.