January 11th, 2005

Macbeth the Usurper

Chores piling up

Here's some of my to-do list.

- Kitchen sink backed up
- Kitchen trap has a crack in it and needs replacing
- Water heater under-performing. Might just need a wrap.
- Small leak from bathroom. Might just be shower condensation.
- Front right tire looses too much air
- Back left tire looses too much air
- Car needs an alignment.
- Car is no longer losing a cylinder. Time for emissions check.
- Take car for 90k service at 116k.
- Stop car from knocking so badly. (See above?)
- Small oil and cooland leak. Get heads resealed.
- Rewire phone wire in basement.
- Touch up more paint in basement
- Pick up shelving for basement
- Clean up floor of basement
- Continue repainting floor of basement
- Get furnace serviced (yearly cleaning/oiling)
- Get flue capped and cleaned
- Recaulk tub
- Have electrician make the basement wiring meet code.
- New lights for basement