Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Blood and Guts

There's been a spate of murders in my area of town. Pretty random. Five people dead. I'm fine.

About two years ago or so, there was a drive-by shooting on my front lawn. Thirteen police cars, a mobile detective unit, and a helicopter showed up. I had only heard firecrackers. A few seconds later, it occured to me that they were to regular to be firecrackers. The next-door neighbor's bad kid was the target of his no-so-friends. They were still yelling at each other out in the street.

Only now does it occur to me that the stray bullets could have been bad for my health. Wonders. Maybe cluelessness is a survival trait. It enables you to function despite the dangers around you, and therefore survive.

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