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We're back safe and sound. The trip to NJ worked out well. The ride up was easy. The drive back was greatly annoying and full of traffic. Still, we survived.

One trip left. Dallas.

At one time, I had gotten Christmas down to the afternoon of the 25th and I was happy. I am not so fortunate anymore. On a positive note, the New Year's trip was almost Corpus Christi. Whooo. Gulf Coast in the winter!

For our dear Valky (who had no limericks written about her):

Our Valky is really quite witty
in her condo deep in the city
she sent her address
and now I confess
that I think that she's really quite pretty.

Valky's a woman quite dear
Though her working hours are queer
When asked for address
She wrote bold, nothing less
than what we whated to hear.

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