December 23rd, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

Ye truants, prepare to be mocked!

This is Jen, posing as Doug, typing while he is enroute to work. We are delivering today's installments of mocking limericks to those who have not yet sent us addresses. You know who you are.

And now, everyone else will know who you are too! Muahahahahahaha!

Hearken, ye naughty people:

xpioti has garnered great fame
For her quite unpronounceable name
But with her address
She has us failed to bless
And now she is covered with shame!

jessamoon is a goth maiden fair
Who bewitches us all with her hair
And it does seem so hard
That we can't send a card
Just because we are unaware where!

A calligrapher known far and wide
mauzybroadway, your skill is our pride
We would send you a phrase
Of a poem in your praise
Did we only know where you reside!

And now two more, just because we can:

Though madwriter for fair words does thirst
Here we find our positions reversed
We would scold you in rhyme
Yet we're speechless this time
'Cause you told us to send you ours first!

Lady silmaril shines like a star
And her duty's to ward from afar
Yet she cannot hold sway
From quite so far away -
You're excused, for we know where you are!

For those who've sent addresses, we humbly thank you. For others - don't make us get out the iambic pentameter! Addresses, we beg!