December 20th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

The Weekend

The weekend came and went.

Friday night featured an outing to That's Amore, the nice Italian restaurant in Rockville. Mmmmm... good.

Sunday featured Christmas at my parent's house. This will be the last one at this location, as my parents have sold the house. Wow. This is slowly sinking in. I took time to wander about and remember a few last things about growing up there. I remember a great deal, but I have forgotten far more than I realize.

Saturday was the semi-annual DnD game. Last one before the holidays.

Sunday night, we went to an open house in DC. The house was gorgeous. It's was decorated in a pre-raphaelite style. I don't mean that it just had those pictures, I mean that the whole decor aimed at Pre-raphaelite. Lovely house. I could never live there.