November 19th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

Things in turmoil

Reproductive rights are coming up in the political field, and right now, I think that this is inevitable, if not overdue.

Here are some various subjects to attach to the debate:

- Roe v. Wade
- Morning after pill
- Availability of abortion
- Contraception
- Cloning
- Designer babies
- In-vitro fertilization
- Better pre-natal testing
- Infertility
- Divorce rate
- Gay couples adopting
- Surrogate mothers
- Tissue-matched babies
- Fundamentalism
- Reproductive rights

And more! That's a whole lot to talk about. And as medical technology gets better, there will be even more to talk about. There's always the temptation to get something made law, claim "We win," then defend you position because it's the law. (And everyone does this, by the way.) The tough but workable part is to argue this out until some sort of peace is reached, if that is possible.

For instance, is an invitro fertilized egg a human? If you refuse to implant it in a mother, does destroying it constitute murder? If a mother refuses to bear it, it that child abuse? If you test the zygot for DNA and find a predisposition to homosexuality, is it discrimination to destroy that zygote? Is it moral to tissue match your baby to your other sick child? How long can a zygot develop before you have further moral problems?

I hope that you see my point. This isn't just about abortion. It's about a full paradigm shift in what reproduction is about: start, middle, and end. Judgements in one are can easily cause unpredictable problems in other areas. What seems like a good idea can turn out short sighted. What seems like a bad idea can easily be a bad idea.

Things to think about.
Macbeth the Usurper

Wedding Registries

I've been looking at wedding registries on Amazon. Dully. But frightening. Did you know there are people getting married in 2006? They've even set a date. Frightening.
Macbeth the Usurper

What The

We went to see "What the bleep do we know."

I'll be honest. "The Spongebob" movie got a better review in the City Paper. Do read the review in the City Paper. It was hilarious. Great fun.

Take some physics. Take some weak spirituality. Take a bland story. Stitch them together, and you get... well... something that doesn't succeed on any level.

This film is aimed at the intelligencia. But if we're so smart, why do they give us everything sugar coated and all watery, like weak coffee??? C'mon people, we're the intelligencia. Give all this mind-bending stuff in a "my god my brain is going to explode" amount of content. Content, people, content. I have never yelled to myself "I want content" so much in a documentary-lite film.

If you can see it with friends, put up the MST3K heads on the TV and start making wisecracks. Really. You won't bellieve what some of them say. (And hey, I'm a way open minded liberal saying this.)