November 12th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper


Yesterday was Veterans Day, so we had off. I wrapped up the painting in the basement. I tacked a few wires back onto the ceiling. I'm ready to move stuff around again. It ain't perfect, but it's enough to move furniture down there, then work around whatever is in the way.

I did some yard work. Many leaves got sucked up, chewed up, and tossed onto the back hilly thing. It's gonna be a mulch pile. With the amazing rain today, that means no leaves today.

The weekend agenda looks like this:

Tonight - Dunno. Everything cancelled. Maybe The Incredibles?
Tomorrow - Basement, Bridge
Sunday - DnD

And finally, if the Republicans want me to leave this country, I want them to make me. Go on. Make me. Follow all the laws and the letter of the Constitution and make me.