September 13th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

More Selling Goodness

I got two more things up for auction
- Unopened box of Fallen Empires cards. I'm hoping for $80.
- Complete set of Revised Magic cards. I'm hoping for $280.

I picked up a new printer for home. I loved my old printer so much that I unplugged it and move it to a dark corner of the basement. My Epson C80 prints very nice when the ink cartridges are new. Eventually the cartridges evaporate, then I have to pay for more. I don't nearly get the lifespan out of those things that I wanted. The thing hated networked printing. It was a pain in the tuckus.

I now have a Brother ML-1440. This actually works with all the computers in the house, and the ink won't dry. It's not color, but who cares?

The business cards came in. Yay!