September 6th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

New Bunny

We have a new bunny in the yard.

The previous bunny, or hare, was lean, with short brown fur, and longer ears. She's been hopping about the yard for half the summer. She's certainly wild, and she won't let anyone near her. (Jen arbitrarily decided that the bunny was a her, so it's stuck.)

When we got home from Cumberland today, we found a new bunny hanging about. This new bunny is much less afraid of people. She's got blue/gray fur, is fluffier, rounder, and has shorter ears. I think this is a true bunny. We don't know if she's an escapee, a freed pet, or what.
Macbeth the Usurper


Well, we actually got cleaning accoplished on Saturday. Go us. This left us free on Sunday to wander up towards a post-wedding party in the mountains. We relaxed, sat in a hot tub, played cards, and ate good food. After the party, we dropped over to a bed and breakfast in Cumberland. There we wound up doing some good research for an early colonial campaign.

Cumberland is a weird place. These people actually took off on Labor Day. They actually closed their businesses. We walked around downtown, and almost no one was there. The place was just dead. We could cross the street with no fear. Eerily quiet, really. So, we did no antique shopping and came on home.

I should yank my pics off the camera. Sometime.