August 26th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper


Good news. New windows. Wha-hahahahaha. Very purdy. I hope that this helps the light in the basement. They are sure to help the value. The way that I look at it, I can spend $100k on anything, because the house has already gained value. I'll get my value back on ANYTHING I DO.

I've been playing with Virtual PC on my Mac. WindowsXP runs awful on my laptop. WindowsNT 4.0 runs perky and snappy. Windows98SE runs okay, but can get weird. I'll have to figure out which one runs the anti-virus stuff the fastest. That way, I can use my Mac to revive other people's hard drives (and not have to buy a new PC).

Some of my new pens have arrived. Two can write and hold ink. One had a bad nib that needed adjusting. One can't hold ink, but it came with a really nice nib. Now if I only had great paper to write on. Everything except ink jet paper bleeds like mad with a medium nib. Well, back onto the search for the perfect pen and better paper.

The wonderful thing about Esterbrook pens is that the nibs change, so as I pick up more Esterbrooks, I get more nibs to play with. Whohooo.

The agenda for the weekend:
- Friday: TFOS
- Saturday: Space Babes film festival
- Sunday: Lawn