August 24th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

More on Pen People

As I learn more about pens and the pen collecting community, one of the striking things about it is how small it is. When one talks about certain kinds of repairs, one mentions specific people. The general friendliess of the people is genuine. One is never a "pen poser." One either has the sickness or one doesn't. The DC pen show is the largest in the world, and takes up two ballrooms, but is still smaller than most SF conventions. (And you could run a pen show IN and anime convention and no one would notice! Oh, my, how anime fandom has changed!)

Pen Collectors of America has a membership of 2000. When you're talkin' grass-roots, this is it.

This reminds me of SF fandom when I was much younger and still in high school. It still had the small community feel back then. The people I first met in fandom had been fans for ten or twenty years (or more), and these people had a friendly and encouraging feel to them. You couldn't find much SF related material around, so shopping at the dealer's room was wonderful, filled with things that were unusual or hard to find.

How times have changed.
Macbeth the Usurper


Did Kerry get creative about how he got his purple heart?

For that matter, did President Bush get creative about Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Which bothers you more?