August 15th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper


Dropped by the pen show and had fun. Chatted with Mauzybroadway for a bit before we hit the main rooms. Then, we delved deep into the rooms full of tables and pens. And I do mean rooms full of pens.

I bought myself a couple workhorse pens. Both were Esterbrooks, which have a very good reputation for being good, usable pens. Both are fine points. One pen wrote rough while the other wrote smooth. Oddly, Jen though the same thing, but for the opposite pen. So Jen got one while I took the other. One cost me about $28, while the other cost $20. That's cheap for a reliable fountain pen! Doubly so if you consider that I bought both in fine nibs.

(I did some online shopping this morning. Those Esterbrooks are harder to find than I thought. And usually more expensive. I got some good deals. I'm happy!)

Jen only picked up some ink. She also picked up her fixed pen from our local pen pushers. But her dream fixed pen still isn't perfect. Poor thing. On the other hand, she's taken a liking to desk sets. She likes those long, elegant dip pens. Poor fool. Next thing you know, she'll be doing calligraphy, and then she's going to Hell.