July 27th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

In Business

I've got the cell phone. I now have a business number. Because I'm NIH, I got a discount on the activation fee. Whoohooo. I also picked up a refurbished phone. Total up front cost: $0. Per month: $20. Customers might push that over the initial $45 minutes, but they'll be paying me $60/hr, unless they're a business, in which case I'll charge more.

Next: Web Page, Business Cards

I want a graphic of a shiny, clean, and extremely happy computer for both the web page and the business cards. I might bother Chris I. on that unless I have other eager volunteers. The same goes for the web page. I want a simple but very eye appealing web page. Folks will be compensated for their work. I'm no cheapskate, and get to write off the expense anyway.

I don't like writing off the phone service. I don't get anything for it. It's overhead. Hardware, that's great. I build up my bag of tricks AND have the hardware. Software, I build up my bag of tricks, AND have the software. Art and web pages are great, as they are very reusable and are one-time expenses. But phone service... *sigh*. Service is important, as it gets me jobs, but at the end of it, I wind up with a phone that's only useful if I pay for service.

I like keeping low-overhead, where possible, on business. I like to pay for things as I go. Ideally, profits-expenses = small loss. That way, I don't pay taxes and get cool toys.

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