July 19th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper


It was a quiet weekend, all in all.

We started Friday down at the Luna Grill. We seemed to get the world's worst wait staff. Jen was rightly miffed. We even had trouble paying them. After that, we hit the Hunt club at a sendoff for one of Jen's Coworkers. After that, we finally played out the TFOS Halloween Dance. Fear the clams.

Saturday is a blur, and I wasn't even drunk. We did watch into second season Buffy. Jen made us a good peach cobbler, too. Yummy.

On Sunday, I rewatched an old Gamera film. The print quality was bad. It featured a child who had EVERY idea in the film. I can not overstate just how annoying this kid was. Since he wasn't eaten by Gaos (my first wish), my second wish is that he sent for haircut at Sweeny Todd's.