July 4th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

The Weekend So Far

On Friday, Jen and I went out to Sam Woo's Korean bbq. Mmmmm. Good stuff. We spent the evening watching Castle Cagliostrol.

On Saturday, we did the lawn. I also helped the neighbor bury some pipe across the yard. You see, the neighbor had two sump pumps put in. The water all drained to my yard, which became as swampy mess. This is bad. My options were limited. I dislike misquitos and standing water. So, I let the neighbor put the pipes across my yard and into the storm drain that sits there.

Later on, Jen and I rearraged the basement a bit. I want to get the basement windows replaced, so stuff had to get moved out of the way of the windows. We wrapped up the night with the first two Farscape episodes.

Last Monday, while in agonizing pain, I got stuck in an awful backup in Wheaton. Turns out it was a funeral procession. In fact, it wasn't just any funeral procession. It was the funeral procession of that 13 year old poet who died and had all those people at his funeral. Owwww. So that made every traffice route north, west, and south on Monday backed up and bad.

Now we are off to dim sum. Yum.