June 3rd, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

King Tut

By popular demand, the film last night was Bubba Hotep. All bow down and worship.

A recent thread on Slashdot got me and Jen chatting about How to balance gaming and relationship. It was a good convo and we got to sleep far too late.

Tonight, it's dinner with my sister at Jaleo, a tapas in Bethesda. Yes!

Finally, I will be getting dinner at the Melting Pot for my birthday.

Me: We go to the Melting Pot.
Her: Sure!
Me: No, I mean it. I won't be disuaded.
Her: I'm in.
Me: I know it's expensive, but this is my birthday.
Her: You're worth it.
Me: I'm putting my foot down. I've made my decision.
Her: OK. I will relent. We'll do it your way and go to the Melting Pot.
Me: Yay!