May 15th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

Friday Dinner

Hoitiness and toitiness accomplished! Jen dressed up in homage to the empire period, and we made our way to the Metroplolitan club, which is so hoity that picture taking isn't allowed except for the banquet room. They did, however, have a fabulous mosaic floor. This is the best Roman style floor I've ever seen in the US.

We sat at eight person round tables. We shared a table with the ambassator from Ecuador. Our guest speaker was Undersecretary of State Paula Gobriansky. She gave a very politically aware speech about her department, which amounted to a little information and much hand waving. When asked about Colin Powell's influence on foreign policy, the answer was entirely handwaving.

The food was FA-BU-LOUS. The beef was very tender and very good. I don't like beef, so my definitionof good beef is: if I like it, it must be great. The dishes themselves showed all the care of the hoitiness and toitiness of the place.

The older women who came wore their hair any way that they like. The younger women wore their hair up with "going out" styles of black dresses. Most men wore suits. Some men wore bow-ties and colorful shirts. Next year, I'll have to wear a bow tie and a colorful shirt.

The great ending to the evening was getting out of my suit jacket, rollling down the windows, and enjoying the ride home up Connecticut. Ave It was a fabulous night for dirivng.