May 14th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper


The weekend agenda includes a hoity-toity dinner tonight, and Moroccan tomorrow. Maybe some film festivaling. May some glue spreading for the other half of the basement. And then, D&D on Sunday.

As for the Hoity-Toitiness of the dinner, Jen shall explain:

My dad (a foreign policy prof) is currently head-honcho-ing for the American Committees on Foreign Relations. Every spring, a subset of these folks make the pilgrimage to DC for their annual conference. Usually, they hoity and toity it up on that Friday night in some very swank rooms at the top of the State Department. This year, for some reason unknown to me, Colin Powell has said Go Thou Elsewhere for your hoity-toitiness. Thus, they are currently scheduled to be swanking around the Metropolitan Club instead. I think they are secretly hoping that Mr. Powell will relent (and I can't blame 'em, since the view from the top of the State Department is Quite Impressive, and many nifty historical objects are on display in the rooms in which they wander around with their cocktails before dinner) but no joy so far.

Hence the "don't know" factor.

The subject of the film festival is "Bad Mothers" and is brought to us by Kittykatya.

The Morrocan restaurant is Marakesh down on New York Ave.