May 13th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

Wrapping Up

The President came through Natcher auditorium yesterday. The theme was "No Child Left Behind" and reading. Naturally, no one paid attention, as everyone was busy looking at the pictures.

I am ashamed of my country. I am sure that the soldier were told, "We'll take full responsibility. Don't worry." Unfortunately, the Neuremburg trials established the fact that you are ALWAYS responsible. "Obeying orders" is no excuse. All military personelle are responsible for their own actions, regardless of orders. Orders that are illegal are not legal, and do not need to be obeyed.

On a chippier note, I took my final today for Psych of Crazy People. I should have an A. I believe that I did well.

The floor is still settling in. It hasn't exploded or anything, so I didn't do anything wrong. The glue is still tacky. Wow. That is some amazing stuff.