April 30th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

Da Weekend

Okay folks, here's the weekend agenda:

Friday - more filmfesting. One, maybe two films.
Saturday - more filmfesting, and cleaning the bathroom
Sunday - DnD in Bal-da-Moer on Utaw street.

There's a JASFA this weekend at Tom and Sue's, but I don't think that we will make it. Others will simply have to anime without us. We'll save all our energy for the Flanagan open house (whenever in Hell or high-water that happens).

I am tempted to do open band next Friday, but I'm a pretty physical, hopping about kinda banjo player, so I don't think I'm in shape for that. The Friday after that, it's a hoity-toity dinner with Jen's father in DC.