April 23rd, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

Stay at Home

I "felt too sick" to go to work today. *laugh* I love mono. What an excuse for spring fever!!! So I am home today, not doing much more than laundry and baking a cake.

If I bake the cake, then Jen will mow the lawn. She already did part of it yesterday, the sweetie. I appreciate that. So I've made a killer chocolate cake, and she gets to push the push-reel.

This weekends agenda:

Friday: bridge and pot luck (and I'm not good at bridge)
Sat: A bit of film festival
Sun: Jen goes marching in DC and I do something else.

Good googly-moogly, I needed a day off. I think I really need a change of position at work. I'm getting tired of the same three hundred people every day. The shame is, any other department is too small or task to meager! Damn my extreme competence.