April 19th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

Super Sunday

Sunday was downright hot here in the mid-atlantic region. The thermometer soared. Jen decided that she wanted to go on a picnic, and beat me with a noodle until I said, "yes." (*wink*).

The D&D game was cancelled for Sunday, so Jen thought that a picnic would be fun. She took me out to explore Wheaton regional park, which turned out to be fairly close. It's an old horse-farm converted into a county park. They had a huge playground, including many tubular slide, tire swings, an elephant, and even a camel. They also have a carousel (for you carousel freaks), and their own train loop (for your train freaks).

We started on our first read-aloud book: Beowulf. No only is it the newer Seamus Heaney translation, but Jen had taken a class from the translator back in Harvard. Jen did not want to read the introduction aloud, but she changed her mind as we traced through it.

Next weekend, we hope to hit some of the films from the internation film festival playing for the next few weeks. If nothing else, we hit the shorts playing in Silver Spring at the Avalon.

The neighbor is building an outside bird cage for his parrots and cockatiels (sp?). How interesting. Better than those yappy dogs with the last neighbor, for sure!