March 27th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

Potato Chips and Cheap Sneakers

Since my account isn't submitting to TFOS_ONLINE properly, I'm posting here publicly. Take it away, Barb!

This is Exie's first day at a new school, and his prospects couldn't be more horrid. If he got lucky, the football team would pick on him, giving him a chance to thwack their heads with a baseball bat or a piece of lead pipe. That would give him a little faith that these soft American suburbanites might, and I mean might, just have a little scrap to them.

Well, at least he had a good dream last night. Except for the penguin. There's no explaining some dreams. He dressed himself in his favorite Machester United jersey, torn jeans, and beaten work boots, and headed towards the kitchen.

Hoping for the best, like a good ambush, Exie picked up a bag of potato chips and and a monkey wrench, then headed off to school, beelining in the whole way. He cut through yards, pools, gas stations, and a middle school, before he arrived at his own high school. Maybe he was on time. Maybe he wasn't. Who cares? As long as he got noticed.
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