February 16th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend in Short

We survived Valentine's day well. Much cutesiness. Also much housework. Ah, the passions of moving in.

We're expecting a fridge today.

Last night, I showed Jen "Shaolin Soccer." I had forgotten just how silly and fun that film was. Do watch it, in the original Chinese with subtitles, if possible.
Macbeth the Usurper

The Fridge

The fridge arrived a bit early today. We were told 12-2, and it came at eleven. That was a rare event. Normally, these things arrive after the alotted time.

To get the thing inside, I removed both the basement and the outside doors from their hinges. The delivery folks removed the door from the new fridge. After some wrangling, a few other hardware bits got removed from the path, and the new electric beast was put into place.

All in all, we are now over some of the organizing humps. I switched the living room around while Jen was at church, thus giving us a living room. Her desk is assembled. The TV is now located on anothe wall. Most importantly, most boxes have been removed.

The CD tower-of-power is not working so well. It's not strong enough. The drawers bowed too much, so I put in liners. After that, i discovered that the drawers just weighed too much. I could handle them, but they were still awkward. Once put into the elfa frame, great wobbliness ensued. I tried stablizing it a bit with some big plastic ties, but they simply did not help enough. Finally, the weight was so much that the caster supports slowly gave out. The casters themselves were fine, but the plastic which attached themt to the frame wan't.

Given a redesign, I'd go with narrower drawers, and a two-frame unit on unit, no wheels. This way, I can strap or screw the two frames together for a bit more strength, and the drawer weight till be more manageable.