January 25th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper


It's been another weekend.

Friday was a good TFOS game. I have discovered that Oliver Wendle Mousitochi's overriding schtick is "the poor guy who winds up in the way."

Saturday, I finished up the kitchen for Jen. I took the dratted painters tape off. We had lots of green hiding under the tape, so I had to redo almost all the corners between the wood and the wall and the ceiling. Prime and repaint. That took a while. I also got the baseboarding in. I did find that I forgot to figure in the baseboarding for under the cabinets, so I had to run out for one more pieces.

Sunday, I woke up with a migraine. Not fun. With the snowstorm coming, I decided that going to D&D was the thing to do. The game wrapped up before the snow came. Yoshika showed us the dance mat for Dance Dance Revolution. Jen moved many kitchen pieces over to the house.

I look forward to the snow tomorrow, and all the crazy people on the road, including me.