January 11th, 2004

Macbeth the Usurper


Much furniture shopping happened this weekend. That's tough stuff. Ikea just plain wore us out. Compounding that, my bedroom is quite small, so figuring out what fits at all is a tough call.

Spent Friday night at a Teenagers From Outer Space game. This was great fun. Jen made herself an enjoyable character (or two). I made a mop-fu mouse who gets things wrong, but sounds very authoritative.

The film this weekend was The Fantastiks. It's based on the long running, off-Broadway musical. Much was kept. Much was changed. The story was kept mostly intact, yet much of the spirit was lost. With all the outtakes, I could see what the director was aiming at. As best as I can tell, someone was a bit overeager for a straight-forward, well-paced love story came in and tried to simplify the whole film by overediting. They succeeded, but altered the odd balance that the stage story used to succeed.