December 12th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper


The agenda for last night was to fix a friend's computer. She got herself stuck in a meeting, so I went shopping instead. I stopped by the used CD store and found a copy of Les Miserables, Atlantis, and Star Wars I for about $15. Dirt cheap. I looked over the PS2 games, but didn't see anything that I really wanted to play.

A few more doors down was the liquor store. I picked up some scotch for our D&D hosts. Good stuff, but not the priciest stuff. I picked up some Cafe Lolita (coffee liquor) for Jen. I saw some "egg nog" on sale, so I picked that up for the Christmas video party. (No promises here at $6.00 a bottle.) Finally, I picked up some "Caramel Liquor". That's the only stuff I tried last night. Sadly, it is not great. Not bad, but a bit watery and overall, uninspired.
Macbeth the Usurper

By Request

Xpioti demands new facts about me. Heheheh.

I went to Catholic school from 1-8th grade.
Fresh spinach is tasty. Freshly cooked spinach is tasty. Canned spinach is awful.
I can count from one to ten in Espanol, courtesy of Seseme Street
I watched the first season of Seseme Street. Yup. They didn't have The Count back then.
I have an addict's relationship with caramel.
Back scritches!
I first learned to drink beer by alternating beer and lemonde as I drank.
I saw the original Star Wars only once in the theatre.
I saw Grease in the theatre, too.
I started off college getting low D's on papers. I graduated making easy A's.
I failed chemistry and calculus, then changed to English Lit. Yay.
I secretly harbor a desire to cook with mango. Thank you, Iron Chef.
I have a twin sister. I am the younger.
I have one brother and three sisters. I am the youngest.
I make coffee in a pot. Not a coffee pot. Just a plain pot.
I own stainless steel cookware with copper bottoms. This is good stuff.
My first computer was an 8086. IBM PC Portable. 256k RAM. 1 half-height floppy.