October 27th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

Fever Dreams

Last week, in the middle of my cold in the middle of the night, I realized that in Star Wars, the love affair between Aniken and Padme was just the same plot as the Copa Cabana. Of course, being in a fever dream, my brain hopped straight to a song, including Barry Manilow's vocals.

I will spare you the lyrics. Have fun realizing how you can set the two pieces together. (Actually writing this out may count as a war crime.) Some lyrics you can keep, like "She wore yellow flowers in her hair, with a dress cutted down to there."
Macbeth the Usurper

Fixing my Mail

The sending for the mail on this old Mac has been messed up for a while. I finally got around to digging through the files until I found the settings. I now have all the bad settings, which the program never let you delete, deleted. Hehehe. I edited them out of the setup file. With a little help from Earthlink support page, I finally put in the changed proper values (grrrr) to make the program work again.

At school tonight, I ran into Meghan, the girl who sat next to me last semester. It was good seeing her. You all would like her. Whip smart and good company. I almost missed her, but something in me said, "Hey, I know that girl in the glasses." Yeah, I know, leave it to me to say, "Hey, that girl in glasses is cute. Wait a minute, I actually know her!"

I've tested a few more CD's on the new stereo. This test was not so rewarding. My stereo does not like overproduced or over engineered music. I'll have to try some more raw and naked recordings on her.