August 17th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper


This was my first day without a car. This was the easy day. Tomorrow, I ride mass transit to work. I can take the bus east to the metro station or the NIH shuttle. Then I ride south.

I spent the evening over at my sister's having dinner with my parents. The evening went well, except for the unexplained power outage. There was no real explanation. Fortunately, everything had been eaten and enjoyed by that point. We were even past the very good dessert and into general kibbitzing.

My brother is still trying to get his house built. He is holding the line against his wife by refusing to be house poor. His wife wants more house than anyone can afford.

My sister Judy got a few months of cobol work at Fannie Mae. I'm told it was "too much money to ignore." Dammit. I want that kind of pay!