August 4th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

Preparing for the Autumn

I am looking at classes again. Most likely, I will be taking Social Psychology, on Monday night. This looks very interesting.

I have decided to do the Forum.

I still need to schedule the house painting. After the weekend of Sept 6. We are going to Phoenix to attend Jen's brother's barmitzva. (Her father remarried. She herself is not Jewish.)

I have an estimate scheduled for the basement on Thursday. Kilobucks, my friends.

I never did buy any summer clohes. Must hit the August sales. The back-to-school displays leave me aghast. They are evil. Please let those kids FINISH their summer. Please?

I got this stuff on my fingers. It's acting like poison-sumac or oak. Annoying. I bought some Hydrocortisone for it. I hope this stuff goes down. I have no idea what I touch. I think, just maybe, that something in Home Depot that I bought the other day had been touched by someone with this evil oil on their skin. Or maybe I am reacting to the stuff that was in the ant killer spray. (I bought some of that yesterday, too, to get at the flying ants that are getting into the house.)