July 10th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

More Star Wars

I skipped out on Spaghetti Night to play more Star Wars. Okay, I had some laundry to do and I had just seen everyone all weekend.

In game, I fully died the first time, leveled up a single skill, and generally had a good time learning how to play this sucker. There's lots to go, but I can no find resources, build things, and get experience. Whoohoo. Now, I just need to keep exploring, to figure out what kind of profession that I want to follow.
Macbeth the Usurper

More On Star Wars

This is a mysterious game. I've played it several days in a row, and it's been a massively different game. The server that I am on was awful empty when I started. I am slowly seeing people roll in. I wound up explaining stuff to lots of poor injured people who walked into the clinics. I dislike when unfriendly people come through. Let''s face it, sitting there waiting for you pools to fill back up so that you can heal someone is boring. Then again, you get friendly groups who sit around and amuse themselves. We had quite a party going on in this pretend world.

I've been hitting the on-line boards to see how other people do things. Putting this all together has been alot. These people put a whole lot of thought into the game.

In the non-pretend world, I've got work piling up. Drat. Have to haul out some more wallboard, insulation, and floor tiles. I have more wall to fix. The house is challenging, but less interesting that the new game.

I have not nearly studied enough for the Apple exam. I hope I can figure out how to remember some of this stuff before the next test. Then again, as long as I scrape by, I've done well enough.