June 2nd, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper


One of my folks at my office is a car enthusiast. He knew of my liking for Mini-Coopers, so he picked me up a 1:18 model of one. Too cool. I've jumped through lots of hoops for this guy, so I figure this is a tip. ;) My only problem with it is that it's silver. Coopers aren't supposed to be conservative silver, they're supposed to be stand-out colors! Some model designer missed his clue bus. Still, it's my first Mini.

Oh, and did you see that sun this morning? Good morning, sunshine!
Macbeth the Usurper


Tonight was another board game night. It's been a long time since I've caught up with these folks. A couple months, at least. Then again, they haven't been the best at having gatherings. I thought of riding the metro down, but as Catherine, our hostess for this round, was near U-Street/Cardozo, on the Green Line, I gave it a skip. There's a long wait between the Green and Red line at a late hour, and I'd hate standing around sleepy waiting for a train. Instead, I chose to drive.

My drive down started a bit bumpy. I hit every conceivable light. After 1/2 an hour, I was only through Chevy Chase. When I spotted the Cathedra, I realized that I made a horrid mistake. I had taken Connecticut, then cut over on Jones Bridge to catch Wisconsin. Stupid me, I needed to stay on Connecticut, as the Red line jumps streets. Eventually I went my way over to the East, and somehow find Dupont Circle. Rather than find New Hampshire coming off Dupont, I discovered most every other road. I finally did find New Hampshire at the appropriate block, and so came to Catherine's little apartment block.

Catherine has two very nice kitties, named Cleopatra and Ramsese. In fact, Ramsese came right over onto my lap and expected worship. Ah, friendly cats. I had forgotten how nice they are.

We spent the evening playing Aquarius on the coffee table. There were five of us all told: myself, Catherine, Lorraine, Michael, and Vicky.

Once the festivities wrapped up, I dropped Michael at his corner, Lorraine at her's, the trapsed back up Connecticut to home. It's a fine night.