March 30th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

Weekend So Far

Can you believe the snow? This has been one weird snow year.

Took my sweetie to see Spirited Away, which she enjoyed. In honor of the film, she prepared all the ingredients for maki, sans fish. (An understandable hesitation). I enjoyed learning how to roll the veggie maki.

Saturday was the mockumentary film festival, which was great fun. Chris F. showed off his studly new grill. The surprise underdog of the day went to "And God said," which was a mockumentary on the filming of a Biblical epic of B-movie proportions.

Today, I got around to the taxes. I wound up using This is the first year that I have filed electronically. Weird. In cool news, I get write off all my classes. Whohoo!!! I get the usual healthy amount back, which is good, as I need to pay for the dental and car work.

I modified the book-case milk crates that I have. They were not strong enough for books. I picked up some thickish brown-board stuff and cut that into the right shapes. My little table-saw helped me. (My only complaint about that sucker is that it's just not big enough. Anything over 12" is a PITA.) The rectangular pieces went on the bottom of each one, giving me a firm surface to put the books onto, rather than the deforming plastic mesh. This worked. I also picked up a few switches to fix my lamps with.

The state of the war makes me most unhappy. What computer game did they think that they were playing??? I heard rumors that the administration was not listening to the military, especially the logicians. I think the rumors were right.
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