March 23rd, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper


I took another load to recycling, then dropped off lots of stuff to Goodwill. My living room is now much emptier.

I also dropped by the computer show. I was looking for parts to repair my sister's old 200mhz PC. Instead, I picked up a 450mhz PC for $50. Cheap! So the nephews and neice will get this PC instead.

I switched my server PC and my fun PC over the weekend. I still have trouble with the 1700 Athlon. I think I'm using the wrong RAM in it. The stuff the folks sold me was too slow, and so craps out eventually. That's the theory, anyhow. We'll see what the prices look like when I go scrounging about for RAM.

I took Jen off to Joan's in-town party. Jen enjoyed herself, including the game of Munchkin. Everyone responded well to her. I met Joan's husband Brent, of course. To my surprise, they hamfasted (?sp) Kat and Jason. I have never seen one of these things before.
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