February 17th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

Digging OUt

I made it to the street!

I redug the sidewalk first. It was harder this time with that thin layer of sleet. Drat it. That took more energy than I wanted to give. Yesterday's shoveling was so very easy.

I got the leaf blower out in a brilliant idea about moving all the snow. Don't believe it. First, I had to wade to the shed. I am tall. I do not wade in snow. I waded in snow anyhow. The shed was sealed by the snow, so I had to dig it out with my feet, as she shoved was back on the street. Once I had the blower and extension cords out, I waded back and let the power rip! All I did was get myself covered over in white stuff. It was then that I realized: drat it, I forgot the pick-axe. So I had to wade back out to the shed to grab it.

With the car being cleaned off, it was time to escape. I started by moving the car backward and forward. At first, I had no headway, but the AWD eventually helped me to get the car going. I pushed it back and forth until I was about 2/3 of the way to the street, whereupon I hit a patch of snowplow ice left over from the last ice storm. I got stuck. Five minutes and lots of ice later, along with several attempts to get the car to move, I got the car to move.

Now my footsies are cold and my duct-taped hiking boots are soaked. All this, and not even lunch time. Thinking of lunch time, I'm hungry.
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Macbeth the Usurper

More Snow Kvetching

I dug this really nice way out of my street to the next street. Guess what moron parked there? I don't know who the moron is, but they parked there. I had to dig myself out a second time, dammit.

I did make it to the gas station and back. Getting out of the neighborhood was a bit slow, but once I hit Randolph, the road was black and wet. The only real problem was avoiding the people walking on the side of the road. This is nuts to do any other time, but it was the only way to move about today. In fact, I saw many pedestrians and a few bicyclists. When it snows this much, people rediscover their feet.

Once I was gassed up, I started enjoying driving in the snow again. It makes me wish for a more open area to have fun in. heheheheh.

So, I think I can make it to work tomorrow. The government is closed, you say? Nay, I am "essential personnel." Nuf said.

I spent part of the day getting snort on the server box. Now that I've sat down and configured it, putting it up isn't so hard. I do need to figure out how to get it to send alerts by e-mail.

I just realized that I never put the ports updater back in, or any of the cvs updates. Damn. Bad me. I must find my .conf file for that. I looked for my notes, but I didn't find them. Dolt! Nor did I disable sendmail on the box. (I don't run my own mail server, and I don't know a use for sendmail otherwise.)
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