January 31st, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

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In my humble opinon, bombing people is immoral, no matter who does it. This included my own government. I consider ICBM's and cruise missiles a form of American terrorism, likewise immoral.

Every time that I hear Mr. Bush speak on why we must go to war, I hear: CARTHAGE MUST BE DESTROYED.

I grow ashamed of my own nation's arrogance. I grow proud of all those Americans who stand up and say: this is not a good war and we think that it is wrong.
Macbeth the Usurper

Missed the Ship

I actually made it out of the house and down to the Arena stage. Whoop whoop!!! It was easy to find, too. Thanks to Jen for telling me the metro stop. Interestingly, Marsha, a girl a know from 3LF, lives about there. Anyhow, I got to the play and they were sold out. DOH! I waited too long and went to see the wrong show and didn't buy tickets ahead of time.

I could have bought a standing room ticket. Those are dirt cheap. However, I wasn't feeling too well in my tummy. I feel better now, but for a while there, dinner didn't sit well. (Is there nothing that a hot glass of chocolate milk can't solve?)

I wound up getting home and doing homework for a while. That's good, as I still have another chapter to go by Tuesday.

Given my schedule, getting to South Pacific will be all but impossible this weekend. I don't see it happening.
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