January 28th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

New Class

First day of class, and oh it was a fun start.

The teacher seems a bit harder than my last teacher. That much said, he fairly well laid out what it would take to be successful in his class. I think I'll have more work this semester. I don't like all the test that we will have. On the other hand, he gave us all the most important questions that we will need to answer.

After the intro to the class, he told us that we would form study groups. We did this by writing our names on cards. On the backs, we wrote our fears. We did not have to show that part. On the front, we wrote many "able" words. We then stood up, looked about, and formed triads. People raised their arms towards another, and was either refused or accepted. I was never refused, nor did I see any refusals. He asked us a question, and we each answered that to our companions. He then asked some thought question, like did our companions list to us? Did we speak first? Did we read each others name tags? He then stood us up, told us to get into another group, entirely unique, and asked more questions of us. We repeated this about five times.

Once that was done, we formed a circle in the room. We joined hands in a symbol of a group coming together. We moved shoulder to should, forming a body of knowledge that we would take with us. We then chose our peer groups. My little group wound up Megan, Cynthia, and David. The only complaint that I have here is that the class is 23 women to 6 men, and I wound up in the only evenly gendered group. The guy was from my last class and wanted to work with me.

On the positive side, the class is mostly women. Whohooo. Megan is a right cutie. She's a bit taken right now, but who knows? She was the girl I'd pick out most in the class. Straight brown hair, no makup, good smile, and glasses. Hehehehe.

All the talking to each other also broke the tension of the class in the most amazing way. The class acquired an amazing comfort with itself.

I have an autobiography due by mid-semester. I think I'll work on that early. That's an EASY grade to do well in.

I still have my trepidations, but I think that I can do well here. I must grow a little in comfort.

I find it striking how much easier I can make friends now, as opposed to being so quiet and solitary the first time around. My comfort level is much higher, and that in turn makes everyone's comfort level with me equally higher.

Tomorrow, I must buy my books.
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Macbeth the Usurper

T Shirt Hell

Look at www.tshirthell.com. Megan in class suggested this site. (She had the "Asthma is Sexy" shirt on.) The "Mello Kitty" shirts are a trip.
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