January 23rd, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

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It's too cold already. I have the second blanket on the bed. (I usually just have the feather quilt. If I put the second quilt on the bed, then it's cold, dammit.)

Tonight was supposed to be a meeting date with Laurie. She got sick again. She's very sorry, and I'm laughing. Dating is comedy.

For some reason, given the cold wather, I thought it would be good to hit JC Penny's tonight. Mom gave me a gift card for Christmas. The good news is that all the winter stuff is 55% off. Yay. The bad news is that there's all this summer stuff in the stores. Ick. No scarfs. Grrr. I wanted another scarf.

I did get a gray sweather. I think it's the kind that girls like to see me in, then want to get me out of.

Tomorrow night is a puppet and story show with Jen, over at George Mason. Saturday is mom's 70th. A friend is throwing a party that night, too. I hope to swing by on the way home from mom's. I can travel down 27. Sunday is the DND game. Monday is fixing a co-worker's PC. They will feed me. Tuesday is the first day of class. Wednesday is spagetti night. That puts my next free night at next Thursday. Wow.
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