January 22nd, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

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The Spagetti Night flick was Chocolate. I found the film enjoyable. One note to myself: chick flicks tend to feature lots of chicks. This is a VERY GOOD and WONDERFUL thing.

I know that I'm weird about this chick thing. I mean, I like looking at women IN clothing. That is, they are gorgeous fully dressed. What's the problem with this? None that I can tell. It's kinda like dinner for dessert. You get lots of dinner, because that's what you really need, and you enjoy dessert all that much more, because that's delightful. Women in and out of clothing are much the same way.

More about the novel: Doing a little math, I figure that a typical paperback puts 40 lines per page, and 11 words per line. Let's figure about 450 words per page, then round that up to 500 just to be stingy. Chapter 7 is at 18,000 words right now, or about 36 pages. Not too shabby. I thought I was underwriting at this point.
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