January 20th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

Long Day

Today was a Federal holiday. This lead to a busy day.

Jen came over early. I cooked up some french toast for her, and did the hand made coffee for her. She was mightily impressed. We then waded hip-deep into the Lord of the Rings watching session. First was Fellowship. followed by a trip to Rockville to see Two Towers. Throw in a little lunch and dinner, and we wound up getting done about 9:00. That was a long day of watching.

For hand made coffee:

1.5 cups of water per person
1.5 tbsp coffee per person (best if fresh ground)

Get the water boiling in a pot. Shut it off (remove from heat). Let it cool about 5-10 seconds, to dip the temperature below boilling. Stir in the coffee grounds. Wait for a nice aroma to come off the water. Pour through a strainer into a cup.

Warning: do not drink to the last drop. There is grit on the bottom.

For more intense coffee, but more grit, grind the coffee finer.

I also got the 2nd half of the Amazon order in.
- The Muffs, Hamburger
- The Muffs, Happy Birthday to Me
- The Muffs, Blond and Blonder
- Marine Research, Parallel Horizontal
- Slumber Party
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