January 15th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

Spag. Night

Tonight was "Back to the Future 2". In a bizarre twist, Elija Wood was a child playing a child, instead of an adult playing a child sized adult.

Work was unusually quiet. It might be time to give blood again. With things this quiet, that would be easy.

I continue my campaign as The Borg. I have enjoyed Armada, but I am glad that I only paid $10 for it. As a $40 game, I would have felt sorely cheated. Naturally, this also means that I've not been accomplishing any other projects.

Make peace, not war. Exactly who decided that we were going to war months before it was 'decided'?

With all this cold, getting out is getting tougher. No wonder I keep putting off South Pacific. Brrrr. It's supposed to be way cold on Saturday morning.

I made my first Amazon order for the year. Hope to get the CD's next week.
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