January 8th, 2003

Macbeth the Usurper

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Bit of a spending night last night. I stopped off at Michael's Arts and Crafts. Picked up some paint and about 25 plaster christmas ornaments. The goal is to paint through the winter, if possible. Total cost was about $14. Dirt cheap, if you ask me.

I picked up Star Trek: Armada for $11. Dirt cheap. Total savings over original price: $30.

I popped off down to Pub Sing in Wheaton. That was the first time that I ever made that little to-do. I had myself and English beer and listened to some mangled and half-hearted sea chanties. Maybe they are better on other nights.
Macbeth the Usurper

Potato Night

This Wednesday, we had Mr. Potato Head as our feature film. Imagine the muppets written by someone with attention deficit disorder. There were many cries of pain. Myself, I found it fascinating, in the same way that staring into police lights until you get a psycotropic trip is interesting.

Been hearing back a little from folks in the personal ads. I'm chatting with a Laurie. I've not been chatting much with a Nancy, but her mom died. She's a bit busy.

I've expanded my worldview a bit. At least, I've redefined my goals.
1. Find a super fabulous woman to settle down with.
2. Until I find the future misses, I should have fabulous affairs with fabulous women. They are invited to the wedding, whenever that happens. This will also give great material to my future biographers.

Anyhow, great artists seem to have these wonderful affairs with these inspiring women. I can get behind that.
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