November 17th, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper

Star Wars Saturday Night

I popped out to the store to pick up Star Wars and Lord of The Rings last night. The traffic was awful along with the rain. People were driving conservative, yet somehow managing to be stupid. Walking in the mall is where everyone got their "got to stop randomly so no one can get around me" impulses out.

I snuggled in my basement and watched Attack Of The Clones. Then I snuggled into bed and watched the extras on my laptop. Too many extras. Didn't get to watch them all.

I woke this morning with a heachace. Ouch. It's a sharp little one. I gave Xpioti a call, because she was supposed to help me rake leaves this morning. It's no use raking leaves with a headach. I succeeded in waking Xpioti, as she had gone out to see an 11:30 viewing of Harry Potter. Ooops. (Wait a minute. She was supposed to help me rake leaves in the morning. What *was* she thinking???? I guess she wasn't. I don't feel guilty any more.)
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