November 6th, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper

Journey to New York

Okay, now onto the New York trip:

I popped off to New York after class on Friday. I picked up John Franklin, who needed a ride up, then took off for Baltimore. We didn't make it too far before we hit the Baltimore backups. Just out luck, we hit the rush hour.

After Baltimore, we stopped off for food. Following that delay, we stopped off at an outlet center to pick up a coat for John. He had forgotten his own coat in the car. Once that was done, the travelling was clear.

Somewhere near Elizabeth, NJ, which was our destination, John realized that the directions were on his laptop. This was the same laptop which had just run out of power. Doh! We stopped at the next rest stop and usurped a power plug. Crisis solved.

When we finally reached Elizabeth, I was very glad that we had our directions. I did not want to get out of my car. We found the playhouse with fair ease and parked next to Chris Fischer's monstrosity.

Barb's (kittykatya's) mom salvaged an abandoned church in Elizabeth. Together with her SO, a friendly fellow who's name I just don't recall, they are slowly turning it into a livable playhouse and apartments. Between the renters and the playhouse, they kept their heads afloat. After eight years of work, the place looks much better, but still needs a great deal of work.

Our sleeping area was the foyer to the playhouse. Our only instruction was to NOT open the door at night. Drunks would sometimes come by at night, mistake the place for a church, and try to get let in.

I am informed that there is a ghost in the playhouse. Folks occasionally come by with electronics to detect the ghost. I had hoped to hear the ghost rining her bell, but I was not so fortunate. The ghost doesn't come out when there are too many people. (Hey, that's another first. It's the first time that I slept in a haunted building. It's the first time that I slept in a (ex) church. It's the first tim that I slept in the foyer of a theatre.)
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